On Tuesday 26th March 2019 members of All Saints’ with Prospects Gardening Club attended a workshop at All Saints’ Church.  We worked for about ninety minutes and then finished with a thirty minute lunch break in church at 12.30pm. Six new trees were planted in the churchyard along with snowdrops ‘in the green’.    New trees planted were Crab Apple, Winter Cherry, Rowan, Elder and two Hawthorns. The two Hawthorns have been positioned in the churchyard near the wall next to All Saints’ School playground so that the children can watch their growth. The six new trees were planted to replace some of the trees that Hyndburn Borough Council (HBC) planned to fell. See plan

The trees to be felled were either self-seeded and unhealthy or abutting against the church yard walls and likely to cause them to collapse. Katie Morley at HBC has been helpful in her advice about this work. We received, via the Prospects Foundation, a Windfall Fund Mini Grant of £250 to help with the cost of the trees and additional materials required. Julie Livesey from the Prospects Foundation has been most helpful in supporting the workshops. Julie has attended every workshop and provided approximately £40 of material (plants/flowers/feed etc) for each workshop along with all the equipment required. Caroline Woodcock has provided free vegetable soup and rolls or sandwiches along with hot and cold drinks for all the workshops.

On the morning of Tuesday 21stMay 2019 enthusiastic members of the group carried out further general maintenance work in the flower beds on either side of the main church path and in and around the Memorial Garden. A donated bush was planted in the border in the church yard near the gate leading to the Vicarage. Weeds and self-seeded sycamores were removed from around the roses and feed given. The six new trees were checked and watered and all seemed to be in good condition. There had been some concern about the Crab Apple due to the clinker found in the area where it was planted but it has grown very well in the last two months. Rowan trees have a long history of being planted in church yards. Rowan trees sometimes may not do well in England although they probably do thrive the best of all in the North West. The group felt strongly that a Rowan tree should be included in our six trees even if it was going to be a bit vulnerable.

Our next workshop is at All Saints’ Church on Tuesday 23rdJuly 2019 at 11.00am.  (All Saints church garden workshop poster July 2019)

The gardening will last for ninety minutes with lunch in church at 12.30pm. The whole workshop lasts about two hours. We are planning a further workshop in September 2019. Projects include the creation of a new border and further development of the rockery area near the church steps. We are happy for anyone to pop in for a few minutes if they cannot manage the full workshop. We are always grateful for any healthy flowers, plants or bushes to be donated and left at church around the start of the workshop at 11.00am. The workshops are open to everyone. All equipment and refreshments are provided. We only ask that group members bring suitable clothing and footwear and gardening type gloves.

Please let David Woodcock or John Rowbottom know if you are interested in attending the July workshop. We need to know numbers for the free lunch of soup or sandwiches (soup if cold weather, sandwiches if warm or hot weather).

See you there!