14th Palm Sunday


All Saints’:

8.00 am   Holy Communion

11.00am  Family Communion beginning with procession from school

2.00pm    Holy Baptism


St James’ Altham:

9.20am Refreshments and Easter crafts

9.40am Family Communion



15th April

7.30pm Reflective Service “Jesus is anointed” Altham


16th April

7.30pm Holy Communion with anointing and laying on of hands with prayer for healing’ All Saints


17th April

10.00am Holy Communion with address All Saints’

7.30pm Tenebrae Service “into the darkness” with readings and psalms Altham


18th Maundy Thursday

11am Blackburn Cathedral – Chrism Eucharist
7.30pm Sung Communion of the Lord’s Supper with footwashing, followed by stripping of the altar.  All Saints’


19th  Good Friday

10.30am Family Worship starting at All Saints’ church and finishing at Barnes Square, with refreshments from 10.00am

2.00pm The Last Hour at the Cross – Altham


20th Easter Eve
9am Morning Prayer – All Saints’

10.00am – 12 noon Coffee Morning and Children’s Easter Crafts Arthur Wilson Centre



21st Easter Day

All Saints’:

6.00am   Short Dawn service in Mercer Park

8.00 am  Holy Communion

11.00am   Holy Communion with Holy Baptism


St James’ Altham:

9.30am Holy Communion


22nd Easter Monday 

9:30am Morning Prayer in All Saints’

10.00am Easter Monday walk followed by lunch at the Hyndburn Bridge


For See the calendar for other events on during April. 

Revd. Toby’s April message

I am writing this letter on the same day as the Prime Minister has sent her letter requesting a short delay to Brexit.  There is still no clarity on what will happen next, when the country will leave the EU and what our future relationship will be.  The continued prayers of all people of good will are needed, that wise counsel will prevail, and that whatever happens the most vulnerable are protected and the country enabled to draw together and not further apart.

In the midst of uncertainty, personal and political, Easter gives us confidence on the basis of what God has already done for us.  The life, death and resurrection of Jesus took place in one particular point in history, in one small, crowded country.  But they didn’t just affect his own times.  Jesus died for all of us, wherever and whenever we live, paying the price of sin.  And he rose again for all of us, defeating death and opening the way to eternal life for all who trust in him.  Because of Easter we have confidence that nothing can ultimately thwart God’s good purposes and that all in the end will be well.

From the cross God’s love, healing and forgiveness is poured out on a dark and divided world.  Come this Holy Week and discover (again or for the first time) that love, healing and forgiveness for yourself.

From the empty tomb God’s light radiates hope into a world of cynicism and despair.  Come this Easter and find (again or for the first time) that certain hope, peace and joy that we may live as people of hope.


Holy Week – Step by step to the cross

Holy Week is not only the most significant week in our Christian year, it also has the most powerful acts of worship as we seek to enter into the truth of what Jesus has done to save us.

On Palm Sunday we sing Hosanna as Jesus enters Jerusalem and then prepare for what is ahead as we hear the gospel of Jesus’ passion (suffering).

On each weeknight from Monday to Thursday there is a special service at 7:30pm, alternating between the two churches.  On Good Friday morning there is a family friendly service which takes us outdoors as we follow the cross to Calvary.  There is a quiet and solemn service at Altham Church on Good Friday at 2pm.

Come and join in worship as you can, especially on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday – I promise that Easter Day will mean all the more to you if you do.


Easter Eve Coffee and crafts

Clayton Community Centre (aka Arthur Wilson Centre) on Saturday 19th– drop in any time between 10am and 12 noon for refreshments and Easter Crafts.  This is for the whole community, so please spread the word!

Easter Monday Parish Walk

A great opportunity to stretch those legs and spend some time together.  Meet outside All Saints’ Church at 10am for an approx. 2 hour walk, ending at the Hyndburn Bridge where we will enjoy lunch – please sign up at the back of church if you’ll be eating.


Annual Parochial Church Meetings

This is your chance to hear what your PCC has been doing over the last year, learn how the finances are going and participate in the election of churchwardens, PCC members and sidespeople.  All are welcome to attend our meetings, which take place within worship, including hymns, prayers and readings.  However, to speak or vote you must be on the (new) church electoral roll of the parish concerned.

St James’, Altham’s meeting will be on 7thApril at 9:30am.

All Saints’, Clayton’s meeting will be on 28thApril at 11am.



Could you contribute by standing for election to the PCC?

Each of our churches has a decision-making body called the Parochial Church Council or PCC.  It has responsibility for the finances, for maintenance of the church building, and for co-operating with the vicar in furthering the mission of the church within the parish.  Each PCC is a charity and the members are its trustees.

Serving on the PCC is a great way to serve the local church, and to help to shape its future direction under God.  The demands aren’t too onerous – normally a meeting every two months, a planning morning once a year, and at All Saints’ service on a committee or working group. We do expect, though, that PCC members will see themselves as sharing in the leadership of the church and thus be regular in worship and active in supporting what we do.

PCC members serve for 3 years, and each year 1/3 of the seats are up for election.  That is five at All Saints’ and two at St James’.  To be eligible you need to be at least 16, a baptised, regular communicant member of the church, not be disqualified from serving as a trustee, and have been on the church electoral roll for at least 6 months.  To stand please complete one of the forms available at the back of church.  The election then takes place at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting.

With every blessing

Lord God,
The message of the cross is difficult to take.
How can death give way to life? How can weakness be strength?
Yet your word says that Jesus, being God,
Took on human flesh
And suffered the worst kind of death.
How can this be?
This message is indeed difficult to take.
But your foolishness is wiser than our wisdom.
Your weakness is greater than our strength.
Help us to know that none of us can boast before you.
It is only in Christ Jesus that we can boast.
In his name, we ask you to help our unbelief.
That we may love you, and walk in the way Jesus taught us.
In his name,

More prayers for Holy Week




A time of year when nature wakes up from its winter slumbers as the days lengthen (the origin of the word lent) and the plants begin to grow.  And a time when we as Christians can cast off our slumbers and grow in our faith, discipleship and care for others and the planet.



Through Lent we offer


Where you can meet with others and get to know them better as we look together at the bible, discuss our faith, air our questions and our experiences – all to help that process of growth! This year our groups will be looking at what we believe through exploring our creed – I believe in God…in his Son Jesus Christ….in the Holy Spirit. When did you last think about what you say when we recite the creed?



Groups will be held
Mondays at 44 Lodgeside – begins 4th March at 7:15pm
Wednesdays in Church – begins 6th March at 11:15am
Wednesdays at 445 Whalley Road – begins 20th March at 7:30pm
Thursdays at  61 Tarn Avenue – begins 7th march at 7:30pm
Sign up at the back of church and we’ll make sure there’s a book for you.

LENT LUNCH – a time to share together over a simple meal of soup and bread, Wednesday lunchtimes 12:30, beginning on the 13th March. Donations to Christian Aid.


EARLY COMMUNION – a chance to get up early to meet with Jesus each Tuesday morning in Lent 7:45 – 8:15am.

Lent is also a time to

Both giving something up and giving to others help us become more appreciative of all we have.
Christian Aid’s Count Your Blessings booklets give a reflection for each day, learning from the experiences of those who live at the sharp end of climate change. There are challenges for prayer and action and a space to make a note of what you wish to contribute for that day. At the end of Lent, tot up the sum and send it to Christian Aid.

Charity Savings Jar

Do you ‘belong’ to All Saints’?

If so, you may wish to have your name on the electoral roll, which is the list of those entitled to take part in the annual parochial church meeting and stand for election to the PCC. This year, church rules require us to complete a new roll, so even if you are already on the existing roll, you will need to complete a new form. Forms are available from either church or from our electoral roll officers. The deadline for returning your form is  7th April for All Saints, Clayton.

Anyone can be on the electoral roll provided they are
Aged 16 or over
Are baptised
Live in the parish or worship regularly at the parish church
Declares him/herself a member of the Church of England

The Annual Parochial Church Meetings for each parish will take place during Morning Service on  28th April at All Saints’.

Fairtrade fortnight 25 Feb to 10 March

Did you know that All Saints’ Church is a Fairtrade Church? We use Fairly traded tea, coffee and sugar for our refreshments and we take opportunities to encourage parishioners to consider buying fairly traded goods. For many years we ran a fair trade stall, but with many such products now available in the supermarkets, it was being used less and we decided to close the stall. For a full range of fairly traded goods, why not visit One Planet Fairtrade and ethical shop on Abbey Street, Accrington?

Fairtrade fortnight is a time to celebrate the people who grow our food, some of whom live in the poorest countries in the world, and are often exploited and badly paid. This year the focus is the people (mainly women) who grow the chocolate we love so much. £1.86 is the amount a cocoa farmer in West Africa needs to earn to achieve a living income. Currently a typical cocoa farmer in Cote d’Ivoire lives on around 74p a day – needless to say almost all live in poverty. So please buy Fairtrade – and please join the campaign for all cocoa farmers to earn a living wage.

Why not start by ordering a Real Easter Egg from church now. Quality milk or dark chocolate, fairly traded, and with a 24 page booklet with the Easter story for just £5.50 – sign up at the back of church for yours.

As we approach Valentine’s Day what better time is there to celebrate Marriage and Family life.

Why not join us in a thanksgiving service in Sunday February 17th at 6:30pm in All Saints’ Church?

Are you able to  volunteer to be part of a team of Sunday school helpers, either for Altham St James or at All Saints? It is a rewarding role and one that can inspire children on their Christian journey.

Sunday School runs most Sundays during the 11am Service except for Youth and Church Parade Sunday – the second Sunday of the month. However at All Saints’ the Sunday School helper work on a rota system, so you will not be required every Sunday.

Find out more about Sunday School  or about the role ask Adele  (or Sue for Altham), or have a word with the Vicar.

At Altham St James there will be a meeting for those volunteers who are willing to become Sunday School helpers after the morning service on the 10th February.

Do you have any of the following items which you do not want?

  • pens and pencils
  • rulers or sharpeners
  • tennis sized balls,
  • metal spoons,
  • rucksacks,
  • sandals,
  • t-shirts,
  • clean towels.


can you gift any of the following NEW items

  • toothbrush and tooth paste
  • soap and face cloths.

If so please leave at 71 Sparth Road or in church.

Thank you.

The new style Benefice magazine was been launched this weekend. It has a more modern and hopefully appealing look. It will be available free in church and from various locations in Clayton and also on this website.

Why not take a look at it now.

Jan 19 Page 1 final pdf

Jan 19 Page 2 pdf

Jan 19 Page 3 pdf