‘Scargill, wow what a wonderful fabulous restful weekend had with our All Saints family.
In the most beautiful setting, Scargill and its community were so welcoming – making us feel at home almost straight away. The chapel was beautiful suited to any worship; my favourite was Friday night quiet evening prayer, prayerful time in silence looking out of the windows at Gods wonderful creations in the beautiful setting.
The activities were really good, workshops for adults and the children had their own sessions at the same time. The children all loved every second of the weekend, they all looked after one and another and really got to know each other having an amazing time.

We also enjoyed a great “long” family walk Saturday afternoon to the local village followed by a fun family quiz night  and the toasting marshmallows on the campfire on Saturday evening

The food and service was amazing, little small touches at all times to help for a more enjoyable experience. As a busy working mum I found it wonderful to have food prepared and not have to think about anything other than relaxing all weekend.
It was really good to be together with our church family, I think it has made us closer, brought us together cemented friendships and gave us such a strong sense of community spirit.With fantastic weather to match, great activities, great company, fantastic food what more could we ask for!’ (Adele)

‘The last weekend in September approximately 80 people from the parish when for a two night holiday to Scargill House – ages ranged between new-born (Toby & Rebecca’s to eighty year olds. The house is situated near the beautiful village of Kettlewell, north Yorkshire.

We all soon found that the Christian Community who ran the house were arm, friendly and very welcoming. We had an programme scheduled for all ages (non – compulsory). A prayer session on St Luke’s Gospel chapter 24, when we learnt in depth about the Road to Emmaus. This was lead by Lucy the resident Chaplin. At such quite times, children were occupied by Caroline & Wendy – in their den, the art room on the outside playing area. Families were also free to go for walks or do whatever they wanted. We had an organised walk around he estate on Saturday afternoon and in the evening, after evening prayer and meal (which incidentally was very good) there was a bonfire and hot chocolate! 

The house was light & spacious with picturesque windows overlooking the beautiful countryside. One could sit and watch the variety of birds which were attracted to the bird stand with it’s six feeders.

The whole weekend was happy & relaxing. It was lovely to see all ages coming together in a Christian Community, with a feeling of true Christian spirit…. 

…. Last but not least the weather was absolutely brilliant!’ (Marion)

We were both made to feel very welcome on our arrival at Scargill House. The warmth of the greeting and the hospitality shown to us throughout the weekend were outstanding. We relaxed in the Marsh Lounge and marvelling at the stunning views of Upper Wharfedale bathed in autumn sunshine. We participated in various acts of worship and discussed the moving ‘Road to Emmaus’ story. We enjoyed access to the lovely Walled Garden. We joined the lively Tree Walk on the Saturday afternoon followed by a group walk into picturesque Kettlewell. The Communion service in the beautiful Chapel on Sunday morning was another highlight. The service was well attended and everyone joined in with great enthusiasm. Our abiding memories however will be of the opportunities given at Scargill House for members of our church community to chat and spend time together, and we look forward to another Parish Weekend in the Yorkshire Dales in the future. We wish to express our appreciation to all concerned for the work they put in to make the experience so memorable. (Caroline & David)


During October you’ll be hearing quite a lot about Christian giving and the idea of Christian stewardship at All Saints’.  We occasionally talk about money and giving in sermons, and there is always a reflection on our needs at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting.  But it can be really helpful every few years to think more deeply about our giving – why we give and what we give for.  It can give the opportunity for each of us to review what we give and whether its realistic and generous.

The title and theme of the programme we will follow is ‘Giving in Grace’.  It is the opposite of banging a drum of ‘the church is in desperate need, please give us your coppers’ or of inducing giving out of guilt or obligation.  The keynote is grace – reflecting on God’s grace to us and how that might affect the entire way we look at what we have and how we might graciously in turn give to the work of God today.

I hope that you will find the sermons during October informative and interesting as well as challenging.  Please don’t stay away!  It is only a few weeks and it really is an important topic for all of us to address as we seek to grow as Christians.  Those who are on our electoral roll or parish database, including current planned givers, will all be receiving a personal letter and leaflet – and there will be plenty of copies for anyone not on these lists.  Do give the literature your attention and reply in the confidential envelopes before or on 4th November.  Thank you.

On 4th November, as we celebrate All Saints’ Sunday, we will bring our stewardship programme to a conclusion and give thanks for all God’s blessings past, present and future.  After the Eucharist we will have a potato pie lunch at Enfield Cricket Club (as per last year) and then at 4pm will hold our annual Memorial service for the faithful departed.  Look out for sheets to book for the lunch and to list loved ones departed for inclusion in the list later this month.

The day was wet but members turned out despite the weather. Thanks to all those who turned up for the event, for those who organised welcomed refreshments and for all those that sponsored the walkers.

Mothers’ Union is a unique community of over 4 million members across the world, running projects to make a difference in their communities. This includes parenting programmes, literacy circles, prison parent and child centres, disaster relief and much more.

If you would like to find out more about our Mother’s Union why not visit  their All Saints’ website page.

Everyone who went to the church weekend away at Scargill House near Kettlewell in the Yorkshire Dales had a wonderful time.

Scargill Christian community were very warm and  welcoming. They put on fun activities for the children; who thoroughly enjoyed themselves; and ran a range of thought provoking workshops  around ‘The journey to Emmaus’ for the rest of us. There was time to wander the beautiful gardens, go for exhilarating walks or just sit, relax and watch the great variety of birds that came to the bird feeders.

It was lovely to see that the full cross – section of our church community was represented –  little Aidan at just 2 weeks old, young families as well  as some of our older members of the congregation. It was great to spend quality time talking to each other and getting to know our ‘fellow church- goes’ better.

The weekend culminated in an all inclusive quite informal Sunday Service followed by lunch!

The setting of Scargill House and the lovely weather helped to make the weekend special.

A big thank you to all those involved in organising the event.





Dear friends
I hope that you have enjoyed the summer. What glorious weather we enjoyed for much of it, even if August wasn’t quite so good. We were blessed with fine weather for the special church events we enjoyed, including the songs of praise in the vicarage garden and the children’s activity day in All Saints’ School. That was a great occasion, with 70-odd children in attendance – from all four Clayton and Altham schools and others too, grandchildren of helpers. Everyone enjoyed thinking about their superheroes, dramatizing the heroics of Joshua and David and thinking about how ‘Super Jesus’ is the greatest superhero of all. If you haven’t yet done so, why not look at the photos on All Saints’ website or Facebook page? And all summer, the team at Altham have been busy opening the church to visitors, not least to show off the Lydia Becker exhibition.
Now we look ahead to all that September and a new school year brings. September includes a special Back to Church family worship at each church on 9th September, at which Lisa Horobin, Diocesan Schools’ Adviser, will be our guest speaker. Two days before that we will – I’m sure – enjoy some excellent popular music played by the Haslingden Concert Band in Altham Church. The end of the month will see 40 adults and 24 children heading off to Scargill House for a weekend of fun, fellowship and faith in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. On that Sunday, 30th, the rest of us will join together for a united service at Altham.
The autumn term always brings opportunities for Christian learning and discipleship. Can I draw your attention to two?
On Tuesdays from 25th September there will be a short 6 week course looking at the basics of the Christian faith. It is open to any adults, including those who may be considering confirmation this time around, those unsure of what they believe, or those wanting to brush up on the core Christian beliefs. We offer a relaxed environment in which no question is too daft and we can share as much or little as we wish.
On Thursdays from 4th October there will be an 8 week ecumenical course at the Baptist Church ‘Transformed Living’. It is based on chapters 4-6 of Paul’s letter to the Ephesians and is an invitation to explore how to live out the Christian life. It follows on from the course ‘Transformed Life’ which took place last year (a good number from the benefice took part and much appreciated it.) However, please be assured that it can stand alone – so whether or not you came last time, why not join us this year? Each session includes some worship, a video, then discussion in a shall group. Participants each get a book with a short devotional reading for each day.
Our Wednesday bible group also resumes in September and anyone is welcome to join – 11:15-12:30. At present the group is looking at Jesus’ parables.
October will then bring a special focus on stewardship and Christian giving at All Saints’. We will launch this at harvest festival (7th October) and carry it through the next few weeks, bringing things together with a celebration on 5th November. More will be in next month’s magazine on this.
At the vicarage we are looking forward to another exciting new start – the birth of our third baby, due early in the month. As a result I will be on paternity leave for two weeks from whenever he or she appears (due date 5th Sept!)
Over the summer we read over successive Sundays John Chapter 6 – Jesus feeding the five thousand and then explaining how he is the bread of life. Some went away, scared off by Jesus’ teaching. But the disciples said, ‘Lord, to whom can we go? You have the words of eternal life. We have come to believe and know that you are the Holy One of God.’ Whatever the autumn brings each of us, may we look to Him to sustain us with his life day by day. And may we all make it a priority to come together each and every week (health permitting) to feed on the living bread, our Lord Jesus, in both word and sacrament, that we may abide in him and he in us.
With every blessing

Back by popular request – Haslingden Concert Band will be giving another performance of popular music in Altham Church on Friday 7th September at 7:00pm. Tickets cost just £5 each – A highly enjoyable evening not to be missed!

We are organising a church weekend away at Scargill House near Kettlewell in the Yorkshire Dales, arriving Friday 28th September between 4:30 – 6:30pm and leaving after lunch on Sunday.

We will enjoy the excellent hospitality of the Christian community who will cook lovely meals, put on engaging children’s activities; lead those who wish on beautiful walks; offer a range of fun workshops and give us something to think about!

There is no pressure to take part in anything – if you would rather miss the Christian input on Saturday morning, that is ok (though don’t worry it won’t be heavy); just join in with what you want. To find out more please take a leaflet from the back of church.

The weekend promises to be a fantastic fun time together, with friends old and new from across the church families of All Saints’ and St. James Altham. Prices of just £135 (£155 en-suite), children can go for free.

Twin and double rooms have been allocated, but there are plenty of single rooms still available.

On Ash Wednesday – 14th February we shall have special services at

10am – Holy Communion with ashes in All Saints’ Church

7:30pm – Holy Communion with ashes and hymns in St James’ Church, Altham

You may have noticed that this year it is the same day as St Valentine’s Day!