If you can, join the  All Saints’ Family  for Sunday worship via Facebook live.

At 10:45 each Sunday we’ll have a short act of worship designed with families in mind.

At 11:00am each Sunday we’ll have a slightly longer act of worship designed primarily for adults.

We hope that this will provide one way for us to join together virtually whilst we can’t join together



READINGS  FOR PALM SUNDAY – To be added  shortly






Intercessions for Palm Sunday

The response to

‘You are our God’ is –

‘We welcome you’

On this Palm Sunday as we recall Jesus entering Jerusalem

Let us gather our thoughts to pray.


Father as the crowds welcomed Jesus

And sang your praises,

We pray that many more will welcome you

into their hearts and lives over the coming year.

We pray for opportunities to spread your good news

And courage to take them


You are our God – We welcome you


Father we recall the donkey Jesus rode on

And we pray for real humility in our hearts

We remember today all those affected by the pandemic

And ask you to wrap your loving arms around each and everyone

We bring to you all those leading our country

and ask that you give them wisdom and compassion

as they seek to manage this unprecedented crisis


You are our God – We welcome you


Father the children sang and shouted your praise,

We pray for the children in our homes, our town

our country and across the world as they try to understand

the magnitude of what is going on around them.

Help all those trying to keep structure and routine in their lives,

providing education as well as being a mum and a dad


You are our God – We welcome you


Father, the crowds were responding

To the healing love they had seen in action in Jesus

We bring to you now all who are suffering this day

Particularly those across the world fighting to beat coronavirus

Give them comfort and reassurance, wholeness and hope.

We ask that you guide and direct all those tasked with caring,

remembering with gratitude the work of our NHS.

Give them strength and encouragement to continue

during these dark days and nights


You are our God – We welcome you


Father, Jesus knew he was riding to his death

We pray for all on that last journey today and in the coming days

We remember the thousands of people across the world

whose lives have ended so suddenly, taken by this new virus

Give comfort to their family and friends

as they come to terms with losing their loved ones

May they know your peace


You are our God – We welcome you


Father, we too spread our coats on the road

As we express our thankfulness

For all you have done for us

And the amazing extent of your love.

We pray today for Pastor Anne as she leads the Hyndburn Hub

Thank you for all the support that is being given to the vulnerable in our community

Give strength to Toby as he seeks to continue to minister to us all

We are so grateful that modern technology enables us to keep in touch

And we look forward to the day when we can gather to together again


You are our God – We welcome you


Keep us, good Lord

Under the shadow of your mercy

In this time of uncertainty and distress.

Sustain and support the anxious and fearful,

And lift up all who are brought low,

That we may rejoice in your comfort

Knowing that nothing can separate us from your love

In Christ Jesus our Lord.



Merciful Father

Accept these prayers

For the sake of your Son,

Our Saviour Jesus Christ.



Keep us, good Lord,
under the shadow of your mercy
in this time of uncertainty and distress.
Sustain and support the anxious and fearful,
and lift up all who are brought low;
that we may rejoice in your comfort
knowing that nothing can separate us from your love
in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Lord Jesus Christ,
you taught us to love our neighbour,
and to care for those in need
as if we were caring for you.
In this time of anxiety, give us strength
to comfort the fearful, to tend the sick,
and to assure the isolated
of our love, and your love,
for your name’s sake.

God of compassion,
be close to those who are ill, afraid or in isolation.
In their loneliness, be their consolation;
in their anxiety, be their hope;
in their darkness, be their light;
through him who suffered alone on the cross,
but reigns with you in glory,
Jesus Christ our Lord.

For those who are ill

Merciful God,
we entrust to your tender care
those who are ill or in pain,
knowing that whenever danger threatens
your everlasting arms are there to hold them safe.
Comfort and heal them,
and restore them to health and strength;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

For hospital staff and medical researchers

Gracious God,
give skill, sympathy and resilience
to all who are caring for the sick,
and your wisdom to those searching for a cure.
Strengthen them with your Spirit,
that through their work many will be restored to health;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

From one who is ill or isolated

O God,
help me to trust you,
help me to know that you are with me,
help me to believe that nothing can separate me
from your love
revealed in Jesus Christ our Lord.

For the Christian community

We are not people of fear:
we are people of courage.
We are not people who protect our own safety:
we are people who protect our neighbours’ safety.
We are not people of greed:
we are people of generosity.
We are your people God,
giving and loving,
wherever we are,
whatever it costs
For as long as it takes
wherever you call us.

From the CE Website

Barbara Glasson,President of the Methodist Conference


LENT is a time when we look to strengthen our spiritual muscles by a more focussed discipline that we may grow in gratitude, faith, and love.  Three aspects of Christian discipline which have a special prominence in lent are prayer, fasting and giving.  Jesus teaches us that all are to be done joyfully, quietly and without boasting.

PRAYER – we are invited to give more time to prayer.  As a focus for our prayers this Lent everyone is encouraged to read through St John’s gospel – using the bishop’s bible challenge leaflets or following the prompts on the church FB page.  You will be able to prepare for Easter by reading and prayerfully reflecting on the whole of the gospel over the 6 weeks leading up to Easter.

FASTING – has in some ways never been more important than today when most of us can have what we want, when we want it.  It is important to practise saying no to ourselves by abstaining from some of what we enjoy for a season.  Feasting is more meaningful after a season of fasting.  And we can fast from things other than food – e.g., from social media.

GIVING – We are to think of others and address their needs during Lent.  This Lent we are collecting items for the ‘bank’ at Clayton Baptist Church.  Items for mothers and babies are always in demand, including nappies and milk powder.  But also needed are household items, clothes, shoes, toiletries, foodstuffs, etc for those ex-prisoners, ex-homeless, ex-broken relationships who are starting out with absolutely nothing.  PLEASE could you bring something to contribute each week that you come to church this Lent?


Thursdays 7:30pm Holy Communion
(finishing before 8am)

Friday 11am* Scriptural Stations of the Cross
(approx. 40 minutes following Jesus’ journey to Calvary)
*10am instead on 27th March


Looking together at passages from St John’s Gospel
Sunday morning at Altham Church 10:45am
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday evenings in homes around the parish
Wednesday morning 11:15am in the vicarage or church, followed by soup and roll.
All welcome.




Within the mix of services available at All Saints’ we lack an informal worship service aimed at teens and adults rather than at children.

We are now introducing a monthly Sunday evening service called ‘Sunday Night Takeaway’.  It will feature contemporary worship, lead by a band, prayer, and a short talk.  Afterwards there will be drinks and pizza.

We especially hope that this service will appeal to those who ‘grow out’ of Friday Praise.  All those confirmed in the last few years will receive a personal invitation.  We also hope that it will offer all of us the opportunity to complement the more structured, liturgical approach of Sunday mornings with a more informal style of worship.

Do come and support the band and this new service as it gets off the ground.

The first one will be on March 29th at 6:30pm




Clayton Fest 2020

Picnic on the park Saturday 20th June 2020

12 noon – 4pm

Organised by the churches of Clayton-le-Moors

Musical entertainments

Side shows and activities

Children’s races

Tea, coffee and cake available

All welcome – bring a picni

PLEASE make a note of the date in your diary.

PLEASE let Toby or Barbara Anderson know if you could help as a volunteer – we are looking for marshals, people to help with refreshments, etc, etc.

PARENTS AND CHILDREN please look out for the poster competition coming out through primary schools this half-term.

This Lent we are focussing on St John’s Gospel.  It is a beautiful gospel with something for everyone – someone said it is “Deep enough for an elephant to swim and shallow enough for a child not to drown.”

Our Lent homegroups give the perfect opportunity to look at some of the great signs St John picks out to highlight who Jesus is and what he brings.  Anyone is welcome to join the groups – choose whichever time suits you better.  No prior experience or understanding is assumed, we’ll look at a passage together, aided by a simple study guide, and discuss our responses.

We have groups meeting in different homes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening.  We also have a group meeting in church on Wednesday mornings, 11:15am followed by a soup lunch and a group meeting at Altham Church at 10:45 on Sundays.

Full details of venues are on the Lent leaflet available at church.



Dear Lord,                                                                                                                                                                       Help me remember what a difference it makes                                                                                                         when I make time with You a priority in my morning.                                                                                               Awaken me in body and spirit each day with a desire to meet with You                                                               and to hear You speak words of affirmation, assurance, and wisdom                                                                        over my heart as I prepare to go into my day.


A massive thank you and well done to the organising team, craft workers, window decorators and helpers for a stunning festival. Thanks also to all those who supported the event, brought along friends, attended the concert or Carl Service; bought produce or raffle tickets. All helped in making the festival a success.

Below are a few photos to try and capture the essence of the festival.



Why not come and join in our next Scargill Weekend which will take place from Friday 16th until Sunday 18th October 2020?

Scargill is a Christian based community of people who live, work and pray together and the purpose of the weekend is to spend time together as a church family.

The cost for an adult is £140 (or £160 if you are in an en-suite room). Please request an en-suite room early  if this is important to you as they were in high demand last time. For children the cost is reduced by Scargill, and further subsidies by the church. So the weekend is FREE for the under 5s; JUST £21 for 5-7s; £35 for 8s – 11s and £49 for 12s – 16s, (plus a supplement for en-suite). If anyone would be genuinely unable to attend due to cost, please have a quiet word and we will seek to help.

We ask for a 10% deposit at the time of booking – and you can pay the remainder in instalments. Deposits are not refundable after June, and full payment must be received by min – September 2020.

Booking forms can be found in this moth’s news letter, copies of which are at the back of church.

Do you want to find out more about Christianity, understand your faith better, or consider Baptism or Confirmation as an adult? 

Why not join a small group meeting at the vicarage on Tuesdays from 23rd September at 7:30pm?

For more information – have a word with Revd. Toby.