‘Thy Kingdom Come’ prayer walk is on this Thursday (Ascension Day) at 7pm. 

It will start at All Saints’ and finish at the Baptist Church on Sparth Road.

We will walk in small groups around parts of the parish, pausing to pray for all those who live, work, learn & play here in Clayton.

If you haven’t done so, please take a prayer booklet to help you to pray with the wider church through these days. Or download and use the “Thy KingdomCome’ app, available from App Store & Google Play.


A bowling evening is planned for  the 21st May on the Grange bowling green, starting at 6:30 pm and  followed by supper at Andrew’s and Sarah’s. Please sign the sheet at the back of church if you wish to join in. Thanks

July/ August Newsletter                                     

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SEE Magazine

In the past the ‘SEE magazine‘ was inserted into the centre of the church magazine. As we are trialling a new form of ‘newsletter’ there is now no longer room to included it, but  there will be some paper copies at the back of church.

Alternatively you can read it on here


Will be on the 2nd June followed by morning service at approximately 10:30am. Lunch afterwards at the Walton Alms – please book with Joanne Walmsley if planning to eat.

The Mothers’ Union invite you to join them at the Forts Arms on Saturday 18th May from 7:00pm Tickets £5  –  ask a member of the MU for more details or tickets.

On Thursday 16th May at 2:00pm in All Saints’ Church we shall have our first ‘Purple Praise’ Service. It will be a short, simple, relaxed service followed by tea and cakes. All are welcome, especially older people and those living with dementia.

Our local food bank is in urgent need of UHT milk, cereals, pasta sauce, coffee, rice, curry- type sauces in jars, rice pudding.

Also in low supply are tinned sponge puddings, custard, biscuits, pet food, washing- up liquid, toilet rolls, tinned meat, tinned fish, tinned veg.

BUT they have lots of pasta, baked beans, tinned spaghetti in stock!

Items can be left at the back of church.


Thank you.

This year’s focus is on helping mothers in childbirth in one of the world’s poorest countries – Sierra Leone in West Africa.

Individual envelopes are available at the back of church if you wish to make your own donation. Also if  you are able to help with the house – to – house delivery and collection, that would be great as there are still some packs that need distributing. Again they are at the back of church.

Thank you.

All welcome – in All Saints’ School at 7:30. It should be an evening and you will receive a warm welcome.


On Tuesday 7th May at 7:30pm in All Saints’ Church.

Our Mothers’ Union is hosting the event this time and members from other groups in the area will be attending. It will involve a short services followed  refreshment.