This Saturday 25th January at 10am in All Saints’ Church.

Why not come along!

This is a monthly informal cafe style service aimed at older people and with a particular welcome for those living with dementia.

Purple Praise Service is one Thursday 16h January  at 2:00pm in All Saints’ Church . There will be a short service followed by tea, cakes and a chat.

Further dates for Purple Praise services this term

20th February,

19th March

23rd April.

Pop in – you will receive a very warm welcome.


Those attending the 11am service will notice a slight change in the pattern of service across the month. The first and second Sundays will remain as present. 3rd Sunday will become more informal and the 4th Sunday will be Morning Worship (without Communion). This is for a trial period, with a review in July.

So …

First Sunday of the month – Traditional Holy Communion Service

Second Sunday – Family Service and Youth Parade (no communion).

Third Sunday – More informal Holy Communion Service.

Fourth Sunday – Morning Worship )no Communion).

Please share your views on these changes with us.

Thank you.

Dear Lord, I praise you as the essence of all things loving; You are complete in Yourself; You are unconditional in Love. In my heart I desire to be more like You, and I invite you to be with me as I move about through my day. When I begin to compare myself to others, let me remember that we are all made in your likeness, and that each of our bodies is a temple of Your Holy Spirit. When I am tempted to make judgments about the actions, behaviors, even the looks of others as a way of making myself feel better, come to my aid and bring about in me a spirit of contentment, a spirit of gratitude. Help me to treat each person I encounter as I would like to be treated, and fill me with loving kindness so that my thoughts, words, and deeds flow from Your spirit of unconditional Love. Let me remember You always; let me be ever aware of Your presence in each moment of my life, as I would surely cease to live, to move, to have my being if thought of me falls from Your mind’s embrace for the span of even one breath; for it is Your breath that gives me life.

I ask all these things through Christ who strengthens me.

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity will take place from 18 – 25 January 2020 (though some churches choose to celebrate it around Pentecost).

This is an annual initiative whereby Christian communities throughout the world are invited to pray for one another and for greater Christian Unity.

The theme for 2020 is “They showed an unusual kindness”, which finds its origins in Acts 27:18 – 28:10

On 10th February many Christians in Malta celebrate the Feast of the Shipwreck of St Paul, marking and giving thanks for the arrival of Christian faith on these islands. The reading from the Acts of the Apostles used for the feast is the text chosen for this year’s Week of Prayer.

Hospitality is a much needed virtue in our search for Christian unity. It calls us to a greater generosity to those in need. The people who showed unusual kindness to Paul and his companions did not yet know Christ, and yet it is through their unusual kindness that a divided people were drawn closer together. Our own Christian unity will be discovered not only through showing hospitality to one another, but also through loving encounters with those who do not share our language, culture or faith.

In such tempestuous journeys and chance encounters, God’s will for his Church and all people comes to fulfilment. As Paul will proclaim in Rome, this salvation of God has been sent to all peoples (see Acts 28:28).

Christian Aid

Each year Christian Aid provides the Go and Do action points for each of the daily reflections – linking into the important work of Christian Aid in the relief of poverty and advocacy of justice

Information provided by the Christian Churches of Malta & Gozo


Lord Jesus, may your light shine upon our way,

as once it guided the steps of the Magi: that we

too may be led into your presence and worship

you, the Child of Mary, the Word of the Father,

the King of nations, the Saviour of mankind;

to whom be glory for ever.

Frank Colquhoun



Tot’s Praise is the new name for the Pram Service.

The first Tot’s Praise this term is on Wednesday 8th January from 2:00pm in All Saints’ Church., as we continue the good news with the arrival of the tree Wise Men.

A reminder that evensong is sung on every second Sunday of the month and is led by the choir. It is a beautiful service to which everyone is welcome.

The next one is on the 12th January at 6:30pm in All Saints’ Church.