Uganda – flood crises appeal.

Many of you will remember Hayley – a teacher at All Saints’ Primary School, coming to church to tell us about her pending visit to a village in Uganda.
Unfortunately there has been some tragic news since she has returned.  There has been  an unprecedented amount of rain in the village which has resulted in  several landslides.  The last severe landslide  killed 3 women and washed a baby away.  The baby is Feredericko’s(All Saints’ sponsored child) baby sister and one of the women was his mum.  Poor Feredericko is now orphaned.
Fund raising is now underway to rebuild the home, sponsor the children who are old enough to go to school so they are safe; and then to rebuild the toilets at the primary school that had just been  finished when Hayley was  there and which were also washed away by a landslide.
If you would like to help you can make  a donation here.
More photos and information can be seen on the School’s website.
Thank you.