A message for everyone!

‘Safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults is the responsibility of every one of us.’       ( Blackburn Diocesan website). 


Please don’t switch off yet! Read on. With all the high profile historic safeguarding incidence which have come to light within religious institutions, it is only correct that steps have and are being taken to tighten up on ‘safeguarding’ in our churches.

As part of the church’s measures we have a duty to follow ‘The House of Bishops’ guidance, to encourage those with responsibilities to complete the church’s safeguarding training.  This is so we have a common Christian approach, and all work towards creating a safe non-discriminatory environment by being aware of situations which can create vulnerability; and being able to recognise and respond to abuse appropriately.

So, Blackburn Diocese offers a variety of training to meet its churches’ needs.

Safeguarding training is open to anyone and is free.

There are three main levels of training; –

  • Basic awareness recommended for anyone who needs or wants a basic level of awareness of safeguarding. Necessary for PCC members (This is an online, short course which can be completed in your own time.)
  • Foundation Required for anyone who has safeguarding responsibilities, such as contact with children &/ or vulnerable adults. E.g. Sunday school helpers, Pastoral & Baptism helpers. Again, this is a short, online course with a certificate at the end!
  • Leadership course Required for anyone who has safeguarding leadership responsibilities or responsible for activities involving children and/or vulnerable adults. E.g. Incumbents, Church Wardens, Safeguarding Officer, Music Group Leaders, Sunday School Leader. (The Foundation course should be completed first before attending the Leadership course, unless you attended our previous church safeguarding training session which is equivalent to the Foundation course). This course is face – to face, and there is a range of sessions and venues to choose from.

To complete the online courses or to book a Leadership course go to the website 


‘Safeguarding’ training needs to be updated every three years as new legislation and changes happen frequently in this area. The last training which took place in church and which many of you attended was on the 27th February 2017, so it is time for some of us to renew our training; which for most involved will mean completing the Foundation course online. If you are unsure, just ask! Please could those of you who have roles and responsibilities, if you are due to update your training, let me know when you have completed it as I am required to keep a data base. (It may give you something to do if you need to self – isolate!) Thank you.

To find out more about Safeguarding see the notice board as you enter church, when we are able to do so, or visit our website, where you will find all the vital information, including important contact numbers and advice.


Elaine Lockwood                                                                                                                                              Safeguarding Officer.