Prayers for the Pandemic

Prayers for the Pandemic: for those who are anxious

God of Gethsemane,

who knew deep anxiety,

the desire for the cup to be taken away,

your sweat dropping onto the clay of earth like blood,

be with those who suffer at this time

from anxiety, the fear of their world

running out of control.

The facts alone

fan the embers of anxiety

in all of us: the grim daily numbers,

the fear of falling ill, of facing our end.

In our loneliest darkness,

in the night of our Gethsemane,

may we find you there


Prayers for the Pandemic: for the keyworkers

 God of a day’s work,

who knew the early start,

the long shift, the thankless task,

help us to ‘see’ keyworkers in the pandemic

in a new and lasting way –

the ones who leave home to mingle

with the virus

to keep us fed,

keep us safe, keep us clean,

to care for us: in school, in care, in intensive care;

help us to help them by being careful ourselves

and remembering, on the other side of this,

who deserves our esteem, our national applause,

our lasting care.


Prayers for the Pandemic:

Let us pray for all those who have been infected by Covid-19,

for all who fear infection,

for those who cannot move freely,

for the doctors and nurses who concern themselves so generously with those who are sick,

for the researchers who are looking for protective and curative medicine,

that in this crisis of our world God will give us His blessing.

(Silent prayer)

Almighty God, you are our refuge and strength!

Many generations before us have known You as powerful in all their needs.

Help all who are affected by this crisis,

and strengthen in us the belief that You will take care of each and every one of us.

We ask this through Christ, our Lord.