Prayers for these difficult times

A Prayer for our Times

God of compassion,
have mercy upon this nation and our world in this time of fear and confusion:
we bring before you those who are suffering and who tend to their needs;
may those in isolation know your comfort and company
and may neighbours show your love in works of care, kindness and prayer;
we pray for the National Health Service and all engaged in scientific research
and we pray too for those upon whose shoulders
the yoke of leadership rests,
that in their conversation and communication
your still small voice may be heard;
we ask this in the power of the Holy Spirit,
through the One who stretched out his hands to bless and to heal
even Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.Canon Aidan Platten

Prayers for the Pandemic: for a household in lockdown

 God of the indoors,

who knew the confines of domestic space

at a time of little comfort,


help us in this time of confinement,

help us to see it as an act of love, in solidarity

with those who care for us and put their own lives

on the line for the sake of others.

Help us to ‘make room’ for each other, even if room is scarce,

help us to find reserves of patience we never knew we had,

to take offence less easily, to find in our hearts

an easy apology when we’re petulant.

Help us to be attentive, careful, and thoughtful.

May we draw deeply from the well

of our most loving times.