Services in Church to resume from Sunday 6th December

Services in church to resume with the same measures in place as before lockdown. Services will also continue to be available online.


Sundays 11:00am  Holy communion in church (accompanied by a small group from the choir or on the third Sunday by a small instrumental group and soloist). It will also be streamed live 

Second Sunday 2:00pm Family Praise  in church (accompanied by a small instrumental group and soloist). Pre – bookable.

Wednesday 10:00am Holy Communion in church.

Friday 10:00am – Morning prayer live-streamed from church.

Friday Praise 6:30pm weekly –  Live – streamed from the Vicarage.

Night prayer: Sunday,  Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday and Saturday at 9:30pm. –  live-streamed from the vicarage Monday prayers will be streamed live from Peter Dillon’s house.