School admission – faith criteria

School admissions – faith criteria
If you have a child who will be starting at school in 2021 or 2022 and will be claiming church attendance in support of your application then please read on!
Applicants for 2021:
Obviously it has not been possible for parents to attend public worship since mid-March. For Applicants for places in 2021 parental attendance at worship between Sept 2019 and March 2020 will be assessed and in giving my reference I will simply assume that you would have maintained the same pattern of attendance through to August.
Applicants for 2022:
Criteria are based on parental attendance at worship from September to August in the year* prior to application, the period now starting. However, until church is fully re-opened, without restricted numbers, we will not be able to assess attendance. I will make a clear announcement when church is fully re-opened and when we are again able to assess attendance. Again attendance over the part of year that church is fully open will be reckoned as having been the pattern for the whole year.
Joining on-line services does not get taken into account.
If you want your church attendance to be taken in account you must complete a supplementary form, available from each school or from the relevant school website. Supplementary forms for All Saints and for St James should be returned direct to the school (who will forward them to me or the relevant minister). Supplementary forms for St Christopher’s will need to be brought to me on a date to be announced.
I hope this helps
Toby Webber, Vicar
*Two years in the case of admissions to St Christopher’s