Living Advent Calendars – find out more!

We have been thinking of how we might spread a little Christmas cheer and share the Christmas story in what is going to be a challenging winter.

Some other communities have done living advent calendars where people decorate a  window  in their own homes  or shops so it is like the window of an advent calendar.  One window is unveiled or lit up each day through December and people can find them using a map or view  them on Facebook.

This is something the church could co-ordinate but we need to know that there would be enough people willing to take part.  If you would like to help spread a little cheer  during this Christmastide and you are up for decorating a window, please let Revd Toby  or one of the Wardens know as soon as possible

The picture above is from one window from the living Advent Calendar at Saltaire.

Thank you

Revd Toby