Prayer for others

Prayer for Others

Compassionate God,

we pray for vulnerable people all over this world,

people without power

who live in places of terror and violence, fear and oppression.

Protect them, God;

we feel so powerless ourselves to help them.

Encourage and empower us to work

for peace and freedom from fear in our own contexts.

God of grace,

we pray for those whose lives have been turned upside down

by various disasters: floods, fire and drought-driven famine.

Bring courage and hope to them;

through their pain, may they remain connected to you in prayer.

We pray for those say there is no God;

may we through the living of our own lives

demonstrate the joy and peace of a Spirit-centred existence.

God of community,

we pray for our own congregation;

may we be a source of hope for our neighbourhood.

Help us to discern needs and work to fulfill them.

Strengthen and unify our congregation

and show us how we can be the disciples you envision us to be.

Return the sick to health and well-being

and relieve the suffering of those who have lost loved ones,

are unable to find meaningful employment

and fear the challenges of old age.

Guide us, Great Shepherd,

into your paths of right relationships.

In Jesus’ name we pray; Amen.

~ posted on the Presbyterian Church in Canada website.