Do you want to find out more about Christianity, understand your faith better, or consider Baptism or Confirmation as an adult? 

Why not join a small group meeting at the vicarage on Tuesdays from 23rd September at 7:30pm?

For more information – have a word with Revd. Toby.

September Newsletter                                     

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SEE Magazine

In the past the ‘SEE magazine‘ was inserted into the centre of the church magazine. Now you can find it by following the links below.

You can find the August SEE magazine here.


For well over a hundred years there has been an annual recognition of Education Sunday in England and Wales.

It is a national day of prayer and celebration for everyone in the world of education.

The theme is devised by an ecumenical steering group representing different Christian denominations and organisations.

For some years it was celebrated on the ninth Sunday before Easter, however since 2016, after extensive consultation, it has been celebrated on the second Sunday in September, coinciding with the start of the school year.

So we at All Saints’ are celebrating it on the 8th September with a special Family Service at which we will be welcoming Sarah Earnshaw, diocesan children’s work adviser as a guest speaker. – all welcome to join us.

Our local food bank is in urgent need of UHT milk, cereals, pasta sauce, coffee, rice, curry- type sauces in jars, rice pudding.

Also in low supply are tinned sponge puddings, custard, biscuits, pet food, washing- up liquid, toilet rolls, tinned meat, tinned fish, tinned veg.

BUT they have lots of pasta, baked beans, tinned spaghetti in stock!

Items can be left at the back of church.


Thank you.

Fairtrade fortnight 25 Feb to 10 March

Did you know that All Saints’ Church is a Fairtrade Church? We use Fairly traded tea, coffee and sugar for our refreshments and we take opportunities to encourage parishioners to consider buying fairly traded goods. For many years we ran a fair trade stall, but with many such products now available in the supermarkets, it was being used less and we decided to close the stall. For a full range of fairly traded goods, why not visit One Planet Fairtrade and ethical shop on Abbey Street, Accrington?

Fairtrade fortnight is a time to celebrate the people who grow our food, some of whom live in the poorest countries in the world, and are often exploited and badly paid. This year the focus is the people (mainly women) who grow the chocolate we love so much. £1.86 is the amount a cocoa farmer in West Africa needs to earn to achieve a living income. Currently a typical cocoa farmer in Cote d’Ivoire lives on around 74p a day – needless to say almost all live in poverty. So please buy Fairtrade – and please join the campaign for all cocoa farmers to earn a living wage.

Why not start by ordering a Real Easter Egg from church now. Quality milk or dark chocolate, fairly traded, and with a 24 page booklet with the Easter story for just £5.50 – sign up at the back of church for yours.

As we approach Valentine’s Day what better time is there to celebrate Marriage and Family life.

Why not join us in a thanksgiving service in Sunday February 17th at 6:30pm in All Saints’ Church?

Are you able to  volunteer to be part of a team of Sunday school helpers, either for Altham St James or at All Saints? It is a rewarding role and one that can inspire children on their Christian journey.

Sunday School runs most Sundays during the 11am Service except for Youth and Church Parade Sunday – the second Sunday of the month. However at All Saints’ the Sunday School helper work on a rota system, so you will not be required every Sunday.

Find out more about Sunday School  or about the role ask Adele  (or Sue for Altham), or have a word with the Vicar.

At Altham St James there will be a meeting for those volunteers who are willing to become Sunday School helpers after the morning service on the 10th February.

Do you have any of the following items which you do not want?

  • pens and pencils
  • rulers or sharpeners
  • tennis sized balls,
  • metal spoons,
  • rucksacks,
  • sandals,
  • t-shirts,
  • clean towels.


can you gift any of the following NEW items

  • toothbrush and tooth paste
  • soap and face cloths.

If so please leave at 71 Sparth Road or in church.

Thank you.

The new style Benefice magazine was been launched this weekend. It has a more modern and hopefully appealing look. It will be available free in church and from various locations in Clayton and also on this website.

Why not take a look at it now.

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