Prayers for our times

Prayer for this Month

Loving God, 

We pray during these difficult times for all lives lost over the past few weeks, may they rest in Your eternal light and love. 

We pray that their families and friends find comfort and strength. 

We give thanks for all of our key workers who are working extremely hard to support health and welfare in all parts of your world.

 Although we are living through a devastating pandemic, we thank you God for the ever increasing kindness, generosity and sharing that is bringing and growing communities together reminding us that You are truly with us and continue to carry us even through darkness.


Clare Byfield


God of redemption,

your challenge is peace.
Given not as the world gives it – with limits, conditions and reversibility,
but unconditionally – with infinite love.
We pray today for those of us who find ourselves
in places we do not want to inhabit –
a home or community where we no longer feel welcome;
an identity that feels cut off at its roots.
We pray for those of us with feelings we do not know what to do with –
loss and grief,
fear and anxiety,
aggression and vengeance,
exclusion and banishment,
uncertainty about our future.
Bless us now, whatever we feel and whoever we are.
Dwell in our souls deeply.
Give us the courage to tell our stories honestly and openly;
the compassion to hear the stories of others with an open heart;
the discipline to share what we have;
the discernment to advocate for those more vulnerable than we are,
and the means to be agents of care and connection,
justice and hope –
to seek out and celebrate the life and joy in our communities,
setting a tone in harmony with you.
We ask these things in the name of Jesus and those who came after him,
who lived in times of bitter conflict,
who were perplexed but not driven to despair,
afflicted in every way, but not crushed,
persecuted, but not forsaken.
All the time, proclaiming you.