Parish weekend – photos & reflections



‘Scargill, wow what a wonderful fabulous restful weekend had with our All Saints family.
In the most beautiful setting, Scargill and its community were so welcoming – making us feel at home almost straight away. The chapel was beautiful suited to any worship; my favourite was Friday night quiet evening prayer, prayerful time in silence looking out of the windows at Gods wonderful creations in the beautiful setting.
The activities were really good, workshops for adults and the children had their own sessions at the same time. The children all loved every second of the weekend, they all looked after one and another and really got to know each other having an amazing time.

We also enjoyed a great “long” family walk Saturday afternoon to the local village followed by a fun family quiz night  and the toasting marshmallows on the campfire on Saturday evening

The food and service was amazing, little small touches at all times to help for a more enjoyable experience. As a busy working mum I found it wonderful to have food prepared and not have to think about anything other than relaxing all weekend.
It was really good to be together with our church family, I think it has made us closer, brought us together cemented friendships and gave us such a strong sense of community spirit.With fantastic weather to match, great activities, great company, fantastic food what more could we ask for!’ (Adele)

‘The last weekend in September approximately 80 people from the parish when for a two night holiday to Scargill House – ages ranged between new-born (Toby & Rebecca’s to eighty year olds. The house is situated near the beautiful village of Kettlewell, north Yorkshire.

We all soon found that the Christian Community who ran the house were arm, friendly and very welcoming. We had an programme scheduled for all ages (non – compulsory). A prayer session on St Luke’s Gospel chapter 24, when we learnt in depth about the Road to Emmaus. This was lead by Lucy the resident Chaplin. At such quite times, children were occupied by Caroline & Wendy – in their den, the art room on the outside playing area. Families were also free to go for walks or do whatever they wanted. We had an organised walk around he estate on Saturday afternoon and in the evening, after evening prayer and meal (which incidentally was very good) there was a bonfire and hot chocolate! 

The house was light & spacious with picturesque windows overlooking the beautiful countryside. One could sit and watch the variety of birds which were attracted to the bird stand with it’s six feeders.

The whole weekend was happy & relaxing. It was lovely to see all ages coming together in a Christian Community, with a feeling of true Christian spirit…. 

…. Last but not least the weather was absolutely brilliant!’ (Marion)

We were both made to feel very welcome on our arrival at Scargill House. The warmth of the greeting and the hospitality shown to us throughout the weekend were outstanding. We relaxed in the Marsh Lounge and marvelling at the stunning views of Upper Wharfedale bathed in autumn sunshine. We participated in various acts of worship and discussed the moving ‘Road to Emmaus’ story. We enjoyed access to the lovely Walled Garden. We joined the lively Tree Walk on the Saturday afternoon followed by a group walk into picturesque Kettlewell. The Communion service in the beautiful Chapel on Sunday morning was another highlight. The service was well attended and everyone joined in with great enthusiasm. Our abiding memories however will be of the opportunities given at Scargill House for members of our church community to chat and spend time together, and we look forward to another Parish Weekend in the Yorkshire Dales in the future. We wish to express our appreciation to all concerned for the work they put in to make the experience so memorable. (Caroline & David)